Former head of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), Anthony Banbury, will share lessons learned from Ebola response logistics in West Africa as the keynote  speaker at the 2015 Conference on Health and Humanitarian Logistics next November 18-20th in South Africa. Registration for the conference is now live on the conference website- please see more information in link attached.

Hunger Heroes
March 19, 2015

Faculty, staff and students use logistics to help save lives across the globe through Tech’s Center for Health and Humanitarian Systems.

This year's conference draws practitioners from across NGOs, government, military, private industry, academia and other organizations to address the role of logistics in areas such as disaster response, health systems and food security and to highlight the unique challenges for global health and humanitarian response in Africa.

This workshop will highlight concepts, challenges, and results arising from the use of models to predict the spread and facilitate the control of Ebola in W. Africa with a focus on the following central themes: predicting and interpreting initial outbreak dynamics, planning and evaluating interventions, real-time monitoring and surveillance, and modeling as a tool for communication.